Bones Apart – Confirmed for Bromley Trombone Workshop on March 28th


I am very pleased to announce that Bones Apart will be taking part in our trombone day on March 28th.

This is great news and we are really looking forward to them joining Black Dyke Trombone Quartet and the rest of us for the workshop. It gets better; they will also be taking part in the evening festival of music, which will also feature Brett Baker and Paul Woodward, as well as Bromley SA Band.

More details to follow soon, so please do keep an eye on this web site for further updates and details for the day itself. You can also follow me on twitter (@BromleyTrombone) where I will post updates.

Tell your trombone playing friends! It’s shaping up to be a great day!

© Richard Debonnaire


When Christmas is gone…

Christmas in a Salvation Army band is a pretty busy time of year, with lots of carolling and Christmas engagements of one kind or other, and so usually by the time the big day itself arrives, the chops are feeling pretty darn good! And then you don’t play for two weeks…well, I don’t anyway, and it all falls away!

So on Monday 5th January, my embouchure had a rude awakening when having been asked by Major George Whittingham if I could take part in a band he’d put together for a fund raiser in April, I and 30 odd other players got to run through some show tunes, for what was a fun rehearsal.

To say it was ‘a smack in the gob’ though, would be a bit of an understatement! Two hours of some very good arrangements of Broadway & West End tunes, plus a bit of movie and Glen Miller magic thrown in, and I was done!

The following evening, at our own band reversal I didn’t feel much better, although I felt I’d gained a bit of traction by last Sunday, when we played in Bromley High Street for our usual ‘open air’ ministry, and I was able to give the Office shoe shop the full bass trombone benefit of my warmed up chops, through their open doors! Always fun!

So we’re into a new year, back into the regular rhythm of playing and it’s time to step it up a bit and sort out the plans for the upcoming Bromley Trombone Workshop. Working with Brett Baker, plans are coming together, and look very exciting, so I hope to be able to update you with more details of the day later this week.

© Richard Debonnaire