Bromley Temple Band of the Salvation Army


Bromley Temple Band has been around for about 129 years, although that doesn’t apply to many of the members!

Band membership is open to Soldiers and Adherent members of the Salvation Army, and Bromley band is about 25 strong. Membership is made up of a cross section of people, including serving and retired officers (ministers), and non-officer members of the Salvation Army in professions as varied as IT, telecommunications, law, finance, education, construction, professional musicians, retail and others, plus a fair few students. The band rehearses on Tuesday’s.

The band’s primary function is to participate in our weekly Sunday services at our hall in Bromley, and also to take the message of the Gospel into ‘open air’, which for us is primarily in Bromley High Street. Beyond that, the band also takes part in the annual Service of Remembrance in November and spearheads the Christmas programme,  participating in the various carol services. We also take part in other events in and around the Bromley area from time to time.

The band also travels further afield in the UK from time to time to present programmes of music, and has in the past been as far afield as Norway and Guernsey.

(Pictures mostly taken by Maj. John Murray, Chloe Debonnaire and Richard Debonnaire)


9f50ace9-7788-4270-845b-ac5f2f51477e_300dpi red shield

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