The Christmas Carol Challenge


The #christmascarolchallenge!

This is a terrific idea from Nathan Bright, that is helping to raise money for The Salvation Army this Christmas, to support the work it does in helping folks who find themselves on the street…this is what he says of the idea:

“I received a compelling charity letter yesterday from The Salvation Army asking me to donate at Christmas. Had I not already been a regular giver, this letter may have sparked a donation. It did get me thinking though- how else could I give more- particularly at Christmas when the Salvation Army do so much good work for those who need it most.
Remember the ice bucket challenge? Here’s my take. The Salvation Army Carolling challenge. Play/sing a Christmas carol, film it, upload it, donate to the SA (by Texting SACC14 to 70070 followed by £5, £10 or £20 or going to and nominate someone at least 3 others. Simple.”

The idea has taken off as friends and acquaintances of Nathan’s from around the world have been doing just that, and posting videos of themselves playing a carol (or something Christmassy), and nominating others to do the same. Some play a brass instrument, some sing, some play the piano and one played ‘O Holy Night’ on the guitar (plenty of distortion going, just how I like it) and all in aid of The Salvation Army’s Christmas appeal.

Here’s my effort:


So why not do the same, or just donate to the Salvation Army (by Texting SACC14 to 70070 followed by £5, £10 or £20 or going to and nominate others to get involved by singing, playing or simply donating.

© Richard Debonnaire

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