It’s that time of the year again…the time all trombone players wait for, that moment when we can once again, get out that favourite of all trombone CD’s (more MP3’s these days I guess), Trombones Under The Tree.

Every year, on December 1st I make a point loading all my Christmas music onto my iPod and iPhone (only I’m actually doing it now as I type this), and there it stays until December 31st.

This album is superb; the playing is of such a high order that it takes my breath away; the arrangements are clever and by turns startlingly complex and simple – mind you in my experience, fantastic players always make music sound simple, and it rarely actually is!

I have trombone playing friends around the country, indeed the world who wait for this day. One of them messaged me on Facebook just the other day – I share his anticipation!

So, now I need to resist the temptation until Monday…

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